Who is Mister Proper ?

Mister Proper is a GNOME tool designed to schedule your cyclic tasks. It will keep track of what you should have done, what you really did, and is able to adjust each task's frequency until the optimal organization is found.

What is it useful for ?

Any kind of task you often do because you have to : cleaning your house, saying "I love you" to your boy/girlfriend, vacuuming your car, checking your computer for viruses, watching your favorite soap opera, buying your monthly magazine, calling your grandmother, adjusting your watches to the exact time, paying your rent, ...

Who designed that hell ?

Mister Proper is a ugly piece of code made by Frank DENIS aka Jedi/SECTOR ONE. Click HERE to download other poor software by that guy.

What kind of operating system does it run on ?

Anything with GNOME should be ok. At least, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris are known to work.

Is there any screenshot out there ?

Everyone loves screenshots. So here is ONE, just for you. It is in PNG format. If you can't or don't want to see PNG pictures, just death violating patents.

Where may I leech it ?

Mister Proper is hosted at SOURCEFORGE. Please follow THAT LINK to download its source code, to contribute and to get fresh news about this crappy piece of software.
Or directly peek at the FTP site .

Is there any low-traffic mailing list in order to keep in touch ?

To chat about Mister Proper and to get the latest news in your mailbox, please subscribe to the mailing-lst from the SOURCEFORGE PAGE.